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Jeremy Bridle is a media composer and audio generalist based near Portsmouth, England.


He creates emotive and memorable soundscapes for film, TV and videogame productions in a versatile range of styles supported by a wide skillset in audio production, always looking for innovative ways to use music and sound to help tell compelling stories.

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"We've worked with Jeremy on multiple projects now and we keep coming back - he's always delivers exceptional scores that really help to drive the narratives we want to tell"


"A genuinely great experience working with Jeremy. Easy to communicate with and worked well to tight deadlines. The music and sound effects were exactly what we asked for, and adapted to client feedback well ... worked well as part of a larger team, able to produce high quality work with no supervision"

Ben Ashcroft -Now at Supermassive


"Jeremy is a hard working and incredibly talented composer who went above and beyond to make immersive and adaptive music for our game project. He worked well even with the pressure of being directed to make changes really close to the deadline. There was no questioning the effort that he put into producing the best results in our limited timeframe, delivering a top quality audio experience for the players. A real asset to any production."

Oliver Hopley - Now at TT Odyssey

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26-year-old Jeremy Bridle is a composer and audio designer based near Portsmouth, England.

A versatile writer with credits in award-winning productions including Into The Devil's Den and The Cell, he combines a traditional orchestral and jazz background with technology old and new, always looking for innovative and exciting ways to use music and sound to tell compelling stories.

Since graduating from the University of Hertfordshire's industry-recognized program for film and games composition in 2019, Jeremy has embraced the life of the modern media composer - working in all aspects of soundtrack creation from traditional composition, orchestration and session recording to MIDI VST programming, non-linear audio design and videogame engine implementation.

Jeremy frequently works with TheThreeLancer Productions on their award-winning short films and is also currently excited to be working on SETFilms latest series EXPOSED.

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         Before Daylight Ends - Short Film, Directed by Jake Bently; Composer

         'IBL 4th Platoon' Original Theme Music - Private Commission

         'EXPOSED' Episode 1 '#onlyfans' - SETFilms; Composer, Sound Designer, Mix

         Trophic - Indie Game Project; Audio Lead (Composer, Sound Designer, Mix)


         Tequila Sunrise - Short Film, TheThreeLancers; Composer, Sound Designer, Mix

         Jack Carter: Chapter One - Short Film, Directed by Jake Bently; Composer, Mix

         Set of Arrangements -The Bloomsbury band of Flutes and clarinets

         The Pilot - Short Film, TheThreeLancer Productions; Composer, Addit. Sound, Mix

         The Pilot, Teaser Trailer - TheThreeLancer Productions; Composer, Addit. Sound, Mix


         Blue Moon - Short Film, TheThreeLancer Productions; Composer

         Suite of Original Works for Wind Orchestra - Commission from the

         Alexandra Palace Band London

         Into The Devil's Den - Short Film, TheThreeLancer Productions; Composer

         The Smoking Gun - Short Film, Directed by Jake Bently; Composer, Mix

         The Sound Of Death - Short Film; Composer, Sound Designer​​


         Bigfoot's Big Day Out - Short Film, TheThreeLancer Productions; Composer

         Arrangements for Guitar and Strings - Private Commission

         Fall Of Gods - Short Film, Directed by Jake Bently; Composer

         "Horror Collection Vol.1" - Music tracks featured on DvD/Blu Ray release

         The Siren's Curse - Short Film, Directed by Jake Bently; Composer

         Set Of Original Works for Clarinet Ensemble - Private Commission


         WW&R Christmas Advert - Woodwind&Reed Cambridge; Audio Lead

        (Arrangement, Audio Capture, Video + Audio Production)

         The Cell - Short Film, TheThreeLancer Productions; Composer

         Operation Maulwurf - Short Film, Directed by Nathan Rawlings;  Composer

         Bundits - Animated Short;  Directed by Oliver Hopley; Co-composer

         Kaleidoscope - Indie Game Project;  Co-Composer 

         The Man Who Sold The World - Student Film; Composer

                                . . . Full credits available on request . . .

Clockwork; Automatons; Magic; Bear...
Barn; Mech; UI; Rockets; Flying; Wind...
Sci-fi weapons; Monsters; Designed Sound...
Water; Wind; Snow; Running; Gunshots...
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