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"A genuinely great experience working with Jeremy. Easy to communicate with and worked well to tight deadlines. The music and sound effects were exactly what we asked for, and adapted to client feedback well. Worked well as part of a larger team, able to produce high quality work with no supervision"

Ben Ashcroft    Kaleidoscope

"Jeremy is a hard working and incredibly talented composer who went above and beyond to make immersive and adaptive music for our game project. He worked well even with the pressure of being directed to make changes really close to the deadline ... no questioning the effort that he put into producing the best results in our limited timeframe, delivering a top quality audio experience for the players. A real asset to any production."

Oliver Hopley     Gjallarhorn: Beta

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Jake Bently    Director

"I've been singing your praises ... about this composition. It's brilliant and exactly what I had in mind without knowing it"

Robert Metson    SETFilms

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"We've worked with Jeremy on multiple projects now and we keep coming back - he's always delivers exceptional scores that really help to drive the narratives we want to tell"


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