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Jeremy's experience across the audio production chain allows him to interface effectively and efficiently with other departments in sound and further afield, articulating audio concepts and possibilities clearly and succinctly to those outside of the audio sphere and anticipating needs and potential issues before they arise.

He frequently takes on the mantle of Audio Lead - assuming responsibility for the whole project's sound, reducing inefficiency and error arising from communicating across multiple departments and allowing for development of a more cohesive, integrated soundscape.

Jeremy is a versatile audio generalist providing:


- Bespoke music and sound in a wide range of styles

- Non-linear and interactive music & audio design

- High-quality audio production and treatment
- Studio, home and remote audio capture

- Orchestration, arranging and score production

- Fast and flexible production deadlines

- Prompt and proactive communication

"A genuinely great experience working with Jeremy. Easy to communicate with and worked well to tight deadlines. The music and sound effects were exactly what we asked for, and adapted to client feedback well. Worked well as part of a larger team, able to produce high quality work with no supervision"

Ben Ashcroft    Kaleidoscope

Most often he works somewhere in between, handling multiple disciplines in a hybrid role, such as for THETHREELANCERS where he composes and produces the score, liaising with their in-house sound design team before mixing and mastering the overall soundtrack.


He's also always looking for opportunities to work with and learn from more experienced audio experts and composers on larger productions, as a team member able to learn fast and integrate into existing workflow to be the assistant they need.

"...a hard working and incredibly talented composer who went above and beyond to make adaptive music for our game project. He worked well even with the pressure of being directed to make changes really close to the deadline ... no questioning the effort that he put into producing the best results in our limited timeframe, delivering a top quality audio experience for the players. A real asset to any production."

Oliver Hopley   Gjallarhorn: Beta

As part of a creative team, Jeremy can provide:

- High-quality audio production in various DAWs

- Pitch-grade orchestral mockups and demos

- Fast and efficient midi processing

- Template setup and premixing

- Sampling and custom VST creation

- Orchestration, arranging and score production

- Workflow assistance and data handling

- Caffeinated beverage distribution

Get in touch to discuss how Jeremy's bespoke services can take a load off your team and your production to the next level.

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